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Music is fascinated by a majority of the population of the world. It reigns over billions of minds, giving them a refreshing environment and a tinge of relief. Music has been practised and performed since time immemorial. In the absence of instruments, the early men enjoyed nature’s music in the form of the swaying of wind, rustling leaves, and the birds’ melodious chirping. As time passed, human beings started developing, and a variety of musical instruments were being made out of wood, ivory, and metal. The classical instruments like tabla, veena, sitar, sarangi, dholki, etc. are still considered an integral constituent of the music. They are still being played and used in the music industry to date.

There were technological developments taking place. Manual labour began getting replaced with modern machinery. Computers and the specially designed machines controlled everything. The introduction of .com and the web blew up the entire market and orthodox strategies. Specific applications in the market for the creation of the music were made, and FL studio is one among them.

FL Studio is an open-source virtual audio workstation that allows the artists to create, synchronize, edit the audio tracks. The application has a wide range of musical instruments, both classical and modern, synthesizers, a lot of options to select the tracks, sample audio tracks, and tutorials to guide the absolute beginners. On the other hand the best competitor of FL Studio in the market is garageband and there are now multiple ways to run garageband on windows pc.

The application is beneficial for professional musicians and absolute beginners. You can explore the application’s notable features and create some solid tracks without any expenses to let your creativity leap. It is entirely beneficial for beginners.

It has got a user-friendly system and a wide range of options for the language. You can also build your network of like-minded people, follow some famous musicians, and get their advice and tips on creating music.

FL Studio is both available for the mobile and the PCs.

Fo the android users, you can get the application on the Google Play Store. You have to search for it. And once you get it, press the download button and you will get it on your mobile.

Apple users can get the application on the App Store.

There are many pirated and cracked versions available for free. But it is highly recommended not to use them. They might contain dangerous malware that can blow up your system. There can also be data conspiracy and data theft. It is better to use the licensed and paid versions of the FL studio.

To get it on pc type “FL studio” in the search bar of the search engine. You can also go to the official site of the application. You will get the options to download. There are options available as per the version of your operating system; it is available for various versions of the windows and apple. You can also get it on the multiple versions of Linux.

Before getting the application installed, there is a free trial package available, where you can try and get to know the features. You do not have to request, register, or create an account to download and test the application. Moreover, it has got an unlimited period for trial usage. You can create your demo projects here. But once create and closed, you cannot reopen them. This is the only drawback of the software.

The basic and simplest version costs around $4-$5. It contains fundamental features and a limited version of the musical instruments. As the versions get higher, you have to pay the required amount. You will get additional features in the higher variants, more instruments, and a great featured synthesizer.

The FL Studio Fruity Edition costs $99. It has limited features, aimed for those artists who need Piano roll for the sequencing functions. But it does not have the high-end recording, slicing, and mixing features.

The FL Studio Producer Edition costs $199. It provides the highest number of functions in FL Studio. It gives access to audio recording, slicing, and mixing features. That is why it is termed as the producer version.

The FL Studio Signature Bundle costs $299. It is an amalgamation of the producer version and the most advanced plugins. It is cost-effective to get plugins.

You can download any of the versions that are suitable for you. The payment methods are safe and trustworthy.

The authorized versions of the application have got lifetime free updates. It is a fantastic and fair deal for the artists out there.

This was all about the application. It is an amazing software suitable for both beginners and professionals. Get this application and create your audiotrack. Let your creativity leap. Till then, keep creating keep rocking.